Industrial Laboratory Testing Our dedicated testing facility is for hire.

Our 6000sqm manufacturing and engineering facility is the largest dedicated fan design and assembly plant in Australia. A unique aspect of this facility is our large motor test capability, available for hire. A regular part of our activities at Clemcorp Australia is the testing of electric motors in fan applications, for both quality assurance and research and development purposes.

Our manufacturing and engineering facility is setup to cater for this with a dedicated testing facility. Whilst the primary purpose of this facility is for the internal testing of fans, we are able to offer this facility out to prospective clients on a hire basis. The area itself is serviced by a 10T overhead gantry crane, with a roller door clearance of 5.5m W and 5.5m H and we have teams of engineers and electrical fitters available to assist with connections and logging.

The facility itself is powered from our own site based 415V 1000KVa distribution transformer, which is directly fed from the 22kV 130MVa Western Power Zone Substation. From the distribution transformer we are able to provide DOL starting capabilities at 415V up to a load of 110kW. In addition to this DOL capability we can provide additional starting capacity via our ABB ACS800 variable speed drive up to a load of 500kW at 415V or 690V, or up to 600kW at 1000V through our custom designed VSD output transformer.

A full range of instrumentation and condition monitoring devices are available to log and record trends in the tested device.

Testing includes

  • Variable speed control
  • Motor power, current, voltage, power factor
  • Full vibration spectrum analysis

Industrial Laboratory Testing

Industrial Laboratory Testing

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