History 1993 - 2016

The Clemcorp manufacturing business has been operating continuously since 1993 in Perth, Western Australia. Our name bears tribute to the founder of the company, Adrian Clements, who started the company originally by taking over the ventilation division of Gemco Rail.

A few months prior to his passing in 2005, the business was sold to its current two owners and has remained wholly Western Australian owned by them since. Since the early 1990’s Clemcorp has grown to be a globally diversified ventilation equipment manufacturer and technology supplier to the mining and civil industrial complex.

Company Timeline

  • 1993

    Company Founded by Adrian Clements in his garage in Doubleview, Western Australia.

  • 1994

    Moved to the Westchester Road Factory Facility in Malaga, Western Australia.

  • 1995

    Les Aquino joined the company as a mechanical fitter and remains working at the company in that role to this day.

    The first Mine Ventilation and Environmental Engineering course run in Perth with Clemcorp and facilitated by global subject expert Dr Mike Howes. Course run continuously in this arrangement until his passing in 2015. The experienced Dr Roy Moreby has taken over facilitation of the course and we have successfully run two courses in Perth with Roy now.

  • 1996

    Developed CC1254 Mk3 fan design with Aeronautical Engineer Mark Pivac, who recently pioneered the use of automated brick laying robots with the Hadrian X at Fastbrick Robotics.

  • 1998

    Clemcorp purchased in its entirety by the global fan manufacturer Howden.

  • 1999

    Developed CC1400 Mk4 fan design with Bruce Russell and Kevin Lownie from Howden.

  • 2002

    Due to the downturn in the mining industry, Howden divests several assets and Clemcorp and related intellectual property is purchased by Adrian Clements again to run as a private company.

  • 2004

    Justin Coetzee (now General Manager) and Saul Holbeck (now Technical Services Manager), joined the company in a Trades Assistant and Sales Engineer role respectively.

  • 2005

    Company wholly sold to two private Western Australian investors and remains under their ownership to this day.

    Adrian Clements passes away after a battle with cancer.

  • 2006

    Agency agreement formalised with Mount Isa Mining Supplies (MIMS), which is still in force to this day. MIMS have a strong presence in the Carpentaria Mineral Province in Queensland and are a well-regarded supplier and supporter of our products in the region.

  • 2009

    Following the release of Ventsim Visual, which has become the defacto standard for mine ventilation software worldwide, Clemcorp becomes a distribution partner, reseller and training provider.

  • 2010

    After 16 years in the Malaga factory, Clemcorp moves to our new Landsdale facility which was custom designed and built from scratch to meet our current and future needs. It is the largest and most advanced fan manufacturing facility for mining applications in Australia.

  • 2013

    Clemcorp becomes an Australian Made, Australian Owned official licensee and brand partner. We are proud to be Australian Owned and producing Australian Made products and services.

  • 2014

    Identifying an opportunity in the market for a high strength and low cost product, Clemcorp develop Typhoon Ducting in a joint arrangement with our agent Mount Isa Mining Supplies.

    In line with product diversification goals, Clemcorp become the exclusive Australasian distributor and partner for the Maestro Mine Ventilation range of environmental telemetry systems manufactured in Canada.

  • 2015

    Complete design and testing of next generation CC1800 MK1 fan.

  • 2016

    In line with increasing export sales to the region and developing project partnerships, Clemcorp appoint MinesUP, a division of Monnis, their exclusive agent and partner in the Country of Monoglia.