CC1070 Clemcorp Axial Fans

The CC1070 Series of Axial Fans have been a used in the mining industry for the past 20 years. Designed specifically for demanding underground conditions the CC0170 has been used in mechanised mines worldwide. Available as single or twin stage with flow rates up to 29m3/s and pressures up to 1.2kPa per stage. The CC1070 uses fixed pitch cast impellers for increased efficiency and longevity.

Key Feature

  1. Co-Rotating Design
  2. Short Run Ducted Applications
  3. Fixed Pitch One Piece Castings
  4. Single or Twin Stage Configurations
  5. Flow Rates from 22m3/s to 29m3/s
  6. Pressures from 100Pa to 1200Pa per Stage
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