Personnel Access Doors and Airlocks

The Clemcorp range of Access Doors and Airlocks are heavily engineered and constructed to withstand the rigors of Underground Mining. Our modular designs, with a bolt on door section, allow for multiple configurations utilising the same door assembly. Our pressure equalisation system using ball valves is unique, extremely reliable and most importantly able to be actuated from either side of the door.

Key Feature

  1. Modular Bolt on Door Design Supports Multiple Configurations
  2. Unique Ball Valve Pressure Equalisation Able to be Actuated From Both Sides of the Door
  3. Forklift Tubes and Rated Lifting Points for Transportation
  4. Steel Construction With Interzone 954 Epoxy Finish @ 200 Microns
  5. Rated for use to 5kPA
  6. Doors are Removable and Swappable Between High and low Pressure Sides
All Ventilation Control Devices
  • Product Specifications

    DescriptionProduct CodeInternal DimensionsWeight
    Standard Access Door AP-173 980mm x 250mm x 2080mm 288kg
    Standard Airlock Door AP-414 980mm x 1500mm x 2080mm 1450kg
    Stretcher Airlock Door AP-165 980mm x 3000mm x 2080mm 2050kg