Fan Starters & Electrical  Engineering your mine ventilation solution.

Clemcorp supply a range of axial fan starters developed specifically for the mining industry.  Our starters are developed specifically for secondary fan applications and include a range of features to get the most from your fan fleet.

Key Features

  1. DOL 1000v and 415v Starters
  2. Pulse Timers for Vent Bag Inflation Control
  3. Delay Timer for Automatic Start
  4. ABB SwitchGear
  5. PowerCoated Steel Enclosures and 6mm Aluminimum Gland Plates
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  • Specification
    ABB OT load disconnect main isolator **Upgraded starter only. Standard starter has door switch connected to MCCB**
    ABB Tmax (415V) and Isomax (1000V) moulded case circuit breakers.  **Upgraded starter has one MCCB per motor. Standard starter has one MCCB for both motors**
    ABB ‘A’ series 24VAC coil contactors.
    Sprecher + Schuh CEP7 overload control units with remote resets. (1000V Starters)
    Sprecher + Schuh CEP7-E overload control units with remote resets. (1000V Starters) **Upgraded starter only**
    ABB thermal magnet overload relays. (415V Starters)
    Carlo Gavazzi timers for delay and pulse start functions.
    Illuminated E-stop, power available, delay start and overload indicators.
    IDEC metal bezelled pushbuttons.
    24VAC control circuits.
    2 Pin area lighting outlets with 18W Burnbrite supplied.
    Powder coated steel enclosures.
    Powder coated square steel support frames.
    Trafolyte door labels.
    Fully bonded instruction / component manuals.
    Removable 6mm aluminium gland plate in cabinet base.
    Laminated CAD drawings.