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It is rare that a single software package represents the industry standard for a particular component of mining engineering.

The latest generation of Ventsim, Ventsim Visual, has truly cemented its title as the package for underground mine ventilation design and analysis. Clemcorp Australia is a fully authorised reseller of all Ventsim products. We are also able to provide troubleshooting and technical assistance to Ventsim product licence holders. Ventsim products are software packages designed to stimulate various types of data associated primarily with mine ventilation from a modelled network of airways.

Its powerful computations and easy to use interface have propelled it to the industry default position that it has not enjoyed for several years. Ventsim was the first ventilation package to integrate an easy to use Windows graphical design with a 3D graphics interface. The software in its various versions are currently in use at over 400 sites worldwide.

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